October 2016 Social Audit Report

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Social Audit Report

A process that allows us to better understand our reality,

thanks to a deep analysis of working methods and the social value of the work done.

What is it?

The social audit report involves all members of the association and describes who we are, what we do, why we do it, which objectives were achieved and what resources were used. It is a way of evaluating the present and of determining future objectives, for communicating with members and non-members alike.

Unlike formal bookkeeping and accounting, the social audit report permits:

a thorough understanding of WWOOF Italia.

verification and statement of that which we create in respect to our social objectives.

the planning of our association’s future objectives.

significant and judicious internal and external communication;

Creating a solid means to give voice to and to facilitate active participation of members and non-members.

What do we need it for?

It is a useful tool to deal with internal, problematic organizational issues, to make visible to ourselves and to third parties the social value of what we do and to cultivate alliances with those who share our values.

For more details:




WWOOF Italia has entrusted the Mag6 group with the task of training the volunteers who have chosen to carry through this project. Continuous effort is needed to collect and to work through all the essential data.

WWOOF Italia

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